Teen Character Development Workshops

Training Topics 


  • Eye Contact, Smiling, Handshakes, Embraces and Greetings

  • Exchanging Pleasantries & Compliments

  • Introductions & Conversation Topics

  • Non Verbal Communication

  • Communicating with Adults

  • Expressing Appreciation & Remorse

  • Thank You Cards and Emails

  • Personal Hygiene

Dining Etiquette 

Dining Etiquette 1

  • Table Manners, Identify Silverware, Setting the Table and Napkin Use, etc.

Dining Etiquette 2

  • Personal Space, Appropriate Table Conversations and Engagement and Passing Food, etc.

Formal Dining Etiquette

  • Etiquette 1 & 2, Formal Table Manners, Navigating Place Setting and Stemware... and much more! 



Classes & Workshops in:

Charlotte, NC   

Chicago, IL

Dallas, TX

Lancaster, TX

Houston, TX




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