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We have trained over 4,500 students and counting!  The Academy of Etiquette & Charm offers 1 hour Classes and 4-6 hour Workshops for Children, Teens and Adults. The school travels to major cities hosting affordable public group classes and private lessons all over the United States.


Our programs is accepted by Public & Private Schools, Day Cares and Non-Profit Organizations. We believe learning should be fun!  Our curriculum is drill based and highly interactive.  Our students are placed in real life situations and will learn a variety of ways to navigate them using both verbal and non-verbal techniques. 

Skills learned in our program can last a lifetime!

We partner with local Restaurants, Churches, Parks & Recreations, and Schools to host our classes and workshops. Some of our classes require a home environment.   These are held in the home of the instructor or host family.   Want us to visit our City? Please reach out to us!  

Absolutely! Traditionally, etiquette was learned at the home or a part of a cotillion program.  With all the current technology and hectic schedules there is often a disconnect in they way we interact with others.  Many people have lost or never learned the art of being pleasant in social and professional situations. Often times people are judged and criticized by a few small actions or statements.  This can have a long lasting affect on the way people view them forever.  In today's society, a delicate balance of self expression and appropriate behavior is required in all situations.

The Academy of Etiquette and Charm was founded in Charlotte, North Carolina in 2010 by Ms. Lashaune Tisdale.  She was inspired to open the school after many years of training corporate employees and volunteering with professional organizations and youth programs.  Ms. Tisdale noticed that a few fundamental elements were missing from all the "pre-packaged" training programs...good manners, decorum and grace.


As the Marketing Director of a large 810 unit multi-family housing community, Ms. Tisdale found herself rubbing elbows with people of all walks of life. Fraternizing with corporate executives, real estate investors and industry professionals was part of her job description. She was required to maintain a highly visible public image that involved becoming an Ambassador for the Galleria Chamber of Commerce, the Chair Person for the Education and Development Committee of the Houston Apartment Association, and an Advocate for several Non-Profit Organizations.  She was comfortable in some situations and overwhelmed in others. 


Growing up, she was taught the basics of personal conduct and good manners by her grandmother. Having the desire to conduct herself in the best way possible, she took her first etiquette class as an adult.  She felt that in her career she needed more advanced training to feel completely confident interacting with professional people.  Ms. Tisdale enroll and graduated from The American School of Protocol.

In 2018 the Company Headquarters was moved to Dallas, Texas. 


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